The Washington Center of ADA University, also known as ADA University Foundation, started in 2007 as a non-profit organization in the District of Columbia. We are organized exclusively for charitable purposes to support ADA University and its programs. 

Built in 1900 and located just steps away from Dupont Circle and Philipps Collection, our building is a marvel of old-world craftsmanship and contemporary design. Completely renovated in 2015, it has become a charm of Washington DC’s Gallery Row.

Spanning over 4 floors, we promote social, fraternal and networking opportunities; facilitate educational activities and exchanges; promote cultural awareness and advance cultural ties between the United States and Azerbaijan. Together with ADA University, we also manage a modest endowment fund in the United States to support our programs and exchanges.


Richard Armitage

President, Armitage International

Mr. Armitage has held senior positions in the US Department of Defense and State, and Congress. At his recent post as Deputy Secretary of State, Mr. Armitage helped shape, direct and lead US policy during one of the most trying eras in modern history.

Robert F. Cekuta

US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Retired

Ambassador to Azerbaijan (2015 - 2018), Bob Cekuta held top-level positions in Department of State. His overseas postings included senior positions in the U.S. Embassies in Germany and Japan, Deputy Chief of Mission in Albania, and Kabul, Vienna, Baghdad, Johannesburg, and Sana’a. 

Hafiz Pashayev

Rector of ADA University

Dr. Pashayev was the First Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the United States. He served in that post for 14 years, since 1992. Having returned to Azerbaijan, he has planned and launched ADA University. Dr. Pashayev is Chairman of the Board of Directors of ADA University Foundation.


Galib Mammad

Galib Mammad


Galib Mammad has played a key role in development and management of ADA University since inception. Through 2018, he had served as Senior Vice Rector of ADA University. Having an extensive experience in business, government, non-profit and education management, coupled with regional experience in the Caspian Basin, Mr. Mammad has been involved in various development initiatives. 

Louette Ragusa

Louette Ragusa

Operations Director

Louette M. Ragusa is the Operations Director of the Washington Center of ADA University and has been with the organization since 2020. Ms. Ragusa has worked with Turkish American non-profit organizations. She spent much of her career in Baku, Azerbaijan, and Turkey working to develop business relations in the region. She received an LLB at Western University in Baku, Azerbaijan, and an LLM, Masters of Law from Tulane University. 


The Government of Azerbaijan has made a significant capital investment through which ADA University has been building a world-class campus. The government’s strong financial support during the launch years has also ensured the university’s continuous promise to quality. ADA University’s goal, instead, is to ultimately become self-sufficient, to help meet the needs of the Azerbaijani people through research and learning. This will be made possible by a permanent endowment fund. 

Back in 2007, we incorporated two foundations: one in Azerbaijan and one in the United States. These foundations are non-profit organizations, also serving as endowment-building arms of the university. Since then, we have built and managed a modest endowment in both countries.

ADA University Foundation building in the US is part of our diversified investment portfolio. In addition, we have a modest portfolio managed by Citibank in the US.