Currently, our programs focus on two tracks: Technology and Engineering, Teaching and Educational Leadership. Students are enrolled in programs such as Computer Science, Data Analytics, Electrical Engineering, Teaching Excellence, Educational Leadership. Some of these programs are offered as a double-degree together with The George Washington University. These programs support Azerbaijan's aspirations for economic development and socially inclusive way of living.

Electrical and Power Engineering

Concerted efforts will build manpower in strategic sectors of economy and high demand areas. In partnership with the School of Engineering and Applied Science at George Washington University, we offer Master of Science in Electrical and Power Engineering as a double-degree program.


Excellence in Teaching and Educational Leadership

Each year, we go to remote villages and towns of Azerbaijan, identify teachers and principals who are eager to learn, to grow and to make an impact. We enroll them in a year-long program of professional development, where they also spend some 8 weeks in Washington DC. 


Computer Science and Data Analytics

Technological advancement will expedite economic diversification in  Azerbaijan. A cohort of some 20 graduate students enroll in our double-degree program with George Washington University and study half a year in Washington DC.


We envision The Washington Center of ADA University as a significant investment to accelerate benefits of applied science, technology and engineering, also as a strategic initiative to help foster innovation and technological advancement in Azerbaijan. Academic collaboration with major US universities helps innovate Program Portfolio at ADA University by launching programs in niche strategic sectors of economy and high demand areas.