Light Studies

By Shahin Talishkan

The artist's distinct visual language reflects a confluence of wide-ranging interests in art, philosophy and science. Shahin's paintings are meditations on the nature of visual perception and its connection to our most intimate emotional experiences. These meditations result in imagery that seems representational and abstract, as well as a pictorial field that exude a sense of tactile presence, movement, and transformation. 

Exposed to art from a very early age, Shahin graduated from Azerbaijan State Art College in 1986. His studies have been enriched over the years through participation in various residencies and international conferences and symposia. He has also been recipient of grants from organizations such as the Arts and Humanities Councils of Washington DC and Prince George's County.  His paintings are part of public collections in Baku and Washington DC, as well as private collections worldwide. 

Shahin has lived in the United States since 1999. He maintains a studio in Washington, DC metropolitan area and teaches with the Smithsonian Associates Studio Arts program.