The Three-Body Problem

Dale Appleman, Michael Hunter, Jack Rasmussen

The Artists combine representational works, abstractions, and collages whose attractions are aesthetic rather than gravitational. Must the exhibition spiral into chaos, or can the artworks somehow hang together in a dynamic and fruitful balance?  

The Three-Body Problem is a science fiction novel by Chinese writer Liu Cixin. Cixin observes that when two celestial objects get close to each other, their gravitational attraction influences the paths they take in a way that a simple mathematical formula can describe. But, when a third object is added, things are no longer so simple: the interactions between the three objects become unpredictable. 
As different as the three artists are, each begins with representational imagery and allows wildly different aesthetics and processes to transform images into objects of nuance and emotion. The path each artist takes is unpredictable, and the ramifications of their interactions in space and time in the Art Gallery of the Washington Center at ADA University are equally unpredictable. 

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