On Second Thought

Frank P. Phillips

Virginia artist, Frank P. Phillips, has been creating art for over two decades. He studied art at Hobert College and has a Master of Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art. His distinctive work is shown in galleries and private collections throughout the country.

Phillips taught art at Episcopal High School and is currently teaching at St. Anne’s-Belfield in Charlotteville. His studio is outside of Charlottesville where he lives with his family.

“It’s offense and defense when creating a painting. I make moves on the surfaces with line or color, or shape, and then push back against those exact actions. Add, subtract…build, demolish…reveal, cover up. The activity of constructing some formal composition is wrought with doubt, supported by unsuccessful trails, and always a question of whether the work settles “right.”

The paintings require the growing pains of error to give a record and patina of construction.”

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