Manifesto of One Teacher and Educator

As part of our efforts to rebuild the historical mission of Gazakh Teachers’ Seminary, we have launched a Manifesto of One Teacher and Educator. This initiative is about Excellence in Teaching and Educational Leadership

Each year, we go to remote villages and towns of Azerbaijan, identify teachers and principals who are eager to learn, to grow and to make an impact. We enroll them in a year-long program. The purpose of the program is to boost their self-confidence, instill them with a sense of appreciation, expose them to the best-case practices in teaching and learning, enhance partnership for educational leadership among teachers and principals. Top performing teachers and principals visit the United States for further exposure and development.


The outcome of Manifesto of One Teacher and Educator is a pool of teachers and principals who go back to their schools in remote regions of Azerbaijan, and turn them into an intellectual basecamp for thinking, behaving, teaching, and learning differently.