PhD Development and Support Program

One of our first and most successful initiatives has been PhD Development and Support Program (PDSP). We have identified Azerbaijanis pursuing their PhD studies in the US, built their network, flew them from across the United States to participate in our workshops, engaged them in academic discussions and interested them in collaboration with ADA University.

Workshops were held both in Washington DC and Baku. We would also award these Azerbaijani academicians with a grant to support their research efforts. Through such efforts, we have managed to recruit some of our highly competent faculty. Top talented Azerbaijanis have moved back to Baku to teach at ADA University. Throughout these years, they have played a signifcant role in building ADA's reputation as a destination for teaching excellence.


Our share of success has been simple, yet worthy of trying: at ADA University Washington Center, we have managed to reverse brain drain. A significant number of Azerbaijanis have returned to their country to serve a public cause of teaching and educating a new generation of their citizenry.